Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journal 10 Cam K.

My active reading habits so far in Holding on are pretty good. The stories really keep me entertained because they are about real peoples life's and i feel like it is history and you get a different point of view of someone elses life. My weakness in the book are that i still don't write enough side notes in the side of the book. And sometimes i just skim through some of the chapters.

I like steam train Maury the best because i felt like his story had a big impact. The thing that i learned from reading about steam train Maury is that hobos are not bad people they actually work to get food and money they just don't just sit around and beg for money. The other profile that i picked was Reberta Blackgoat was an inspiration because she fought for what she loved and refused to give into the government and stand up for what she loved and wanted. The difference between these two stories is that they both love to do what they do but Rebeta has her own place to live and call  home steam boat Maury just moves from place to place.  

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