Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snapshot Five-- A short profile: Creativity From Pernale Blake

 Lets Talk About Lexia Wilson
Bright, outgoing, and fun are all qualities you want in a person. Lexia Wilson is much more than what meets the eye. When Lexia is not getting A's in English she is most likely out being young. You can find her at your nearest bowling alley, as she has been know to be extremely good. Lexia talked about how bowling is how she expresses herself, and the bowling alley is where she does most of her thinking. She claims to spend a numerous amount of time there, and brags that that is why she is so creative. So I wanted to know her opinion on where creativity came from. So I asked her "Where does being creative come from, in your view?" and she responded "My creativity come from my dad. He would always draw and I would want to be just like him." The reason why Lexia is creative is a result of how creative her dad was. Because her dad was so creative with his drawings, Lexia was lucky enough to inherited her fathers creativity.

Orange! Orange! Orange! If you ask Lexia Wilson what her favorite color is she will say "Orange... because I believe that I am a very bright and outgoing person." I agree that Lexia is a bright and outgoing person. Lexia's dream is to become a doctor, and believes that being creative will help her reach that dream. For example, like finding new ways to cure and prevent diseases. She would never have been able to be as creative as she is today without her grandmother.  She said that her grandmother was what helped her as a kid become creative because she was also very creative, and she always pushed her to be creative in everything she did.

        Uprising Freshman Lexia Wilson after some persuasion finally poses for a quick photo.


  1. I really like how you included her hobby and sport and how that sport affects her creativity.Also I love how you mentioned her dreams and aspirations after college!

  2. That's really cool that you do a lot of thinking at the bowling alley. i wish i was good at bowling. Same as Lexia my dad has a big impact on my imagination.


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