Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot Five about Tristen Stover by: Daniel Scheiderer

Outgoing, happy, and very bright is what you would say to describe Tristen Stover. When Miss Stover was asked what color best describes your personality and why? she answered with "Yellow! Yellow is a very bright color and people that like the color are happy and you always see yellow on happy things and I always try to be a happy person." As the interview went on I asked her about what helped her as a kid to become creative and her response was great, she said "Drawing and coloring in coloring books helped me because I could do whatever I wanted to do with the picture I was drawing or coloring." During the interview Tristen was very excited to talk and very happy that someone was showing interest in her.  She told me that her mother is where she gets her creativity from, her mom is very artistic and outgoing as she described. Her definition of imagination is coming up with ideas and creative things that are outside the box and no one has really thought of. When asked what her best artistic or creative ability were she responded with that she comes up with original ideas, they might not be the best ideas but they are still hers.  Miss Stover is very unique in what she does, wears and says. You can tell there is creativity there when you meet her. She is very unique in everything she does. 
Tristen, very excited to be in english class with all of her friends 

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