Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot 5 Zach Wiseman

Mike Lohre describes himself as the the light blue color, being even tempered and peaceful with a laid back personality. Mike explains "you need to keep things new and not get caught in the rot" and  he wants to keep growing as a person and defines imagination as " getting passed what is obvious and getting outside conventional thinking". Mike originates from a rural farming background in Minnesota. Mike learned to love writing at at a young age. Reading comic books and fiction novels was frowned upon by his father, who only having a 3rd grade education, thought it useless to read. Instead of hiding away liquor and packs of cigarettes as his form of rebellion was sneaking and hiding books,novels like; Tarzan , John Carter and copies of Marvel comics like Luke Cage and the Fantastic Four .He came to Ohio to pursue a college education at The Ohio State University, receiving scholarships in fiction and poetry, being inspired by reading and writing at a young age, saying  " I learned to enjoy language through poetry" that he still uses today. Mike Lohre uses what he was passionate about at a young age and now being a English professor at The University at Ohio State at Marion ,and in my opinon expresses qualities of and eccentric person. 

Mike Lohre at his desk hard at work grading papers

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  1. I really like how you mentioned what he had to overcome and why his personality was "light blue" great job !


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