Monday, November 9, 2015

Snapshot 4 by Daniel Scheiderer

I think that music has a big impact and means different things for different a lot of people.  Music to me is away i can express my emotions, it is away to connect with other people, and it really carries a message for some people. I personally listen to rap/hip-hop music. I think that my favorite musicians would be between Drake and J.Cole.  I would say they both sing about the same thing but just there different views on things and how they see everything.  Both of them sing about things that they care about and emotions that the feel.  My friend and i would hang out a lot and we would listen to music and everything, and then we both started to listen to J.Cole and we both fell in love with him, we ended up going to a concert together in August and it was one of the best nights of my life, it was as if i was dreaming.  One of my favorite songs by Drake would have to be "Houstatlantavegas" this song is supposedly about him singing about a girl stuck in a make believe city of Houstatlantavegas, and how she isn't able to get out of the city. My favorite song from J.Cole is called "Dreams" this song is about how he likes a girl and thinks about her all the time and thinks about her all the time and how she's the girl of his dreams hints the title. 

J.Cole (on left) bringing out Drake during his "Dollar and a Dream" concert
One song they made together was "In the Morning" which peaked at number 57 on Billboards
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs


  1. I love drake too and he is a great artist especially," Music to me is away i can express my emotions" thats a cool way to put it

  2. mine would have to say i like j cole better but i agree when you said "it is away to connect with other people, and it really carries a message for some people." i said very similar things in mine.

  3. I agree with you that Drake and J Cole they both sing about the same thing and have different views but i would have to say J Cole has to be the better rapper and everything he talks about tells his real life story. Other than Drake who started on Nickelodeon

  4. Both good selections both good for being sad lol


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