Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journal 10 Bonnie Welsh

My reading in Holding On, is going pretty well. The stories are really interesting, it is just right when you get really into them it ends. I really like the style of how Isay because they catch you in the reading within a page. My active reading is going really well. I highlight important parts of the story like where they are at, to the major events that is going on during there story. If I see something in the book that I don't know about I will google it right there so I understand the story more. Some strengths I think the book has is getting you "hooked" in very fast in the chapter. They really pick out great stories about people holding on to what they believe in and fighting for it. Some of the weakness that I found was, that they have to change the writing styles with almost every story. For the reader it is hard for me at least to keep up. I also just feeling some of the stories are a little short for what they should be.
The two profiles that I chose is Geneva Tisdale, cook at Woolworth's Lunch Counter, and The Reverend "Prophet" William J Blackmon, overseer at Revival Center Tabernacle Church. I learned from Geneva is that how bad blacks had it in the restaurant career. She had to go change her clothes just to eat in public in her place of employment!  Some interesting things from her profile is how they make everything homemade, you just don't see that anymore. This also reminded me of how my grandparents would make their food. Blackmon, really got my interest becasue of how much he devoted his life to God. Something that i really liked is "If you really believe in God you don't need medicine!" he really put himself in God's hands there. I think this is really good b ecause there is not too many people that put there whole lives in God's hand. I did some research on Blackmon so i gave you guys a link for his wikipedia page. I found out he died in 2010, and other things that you can read on this link.

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