Monday, November 9, 2015

Snapshot 4 Bonnie Welsh

This is some of the lyrics for Anything Goes. This really just shows that sometimes all it takes is a back country road and a group of friends. To have a good time.
This is probably my favorite part of the song. It just reminds me of high school when all of my friends would have a party on someone's farm and those are the nights I loved from high school.
This is the most powerful line of the song Dirt. The lyrics just speak for itself
Music has always had an impact on me. The music that really gets to me is country music, because they write songs that I can 100% relate too. From songs about everyday people doing everyday things to a love song about kids in the country. There is a lot of artists that I can say that have the most impact in my life, but I think that Florida Georgia Line would have to be the most. This band is made up of Brain Kelly and Tyler Hubbard. Who grew up in Florida and Georgia, so Florida Georgia Line. They have so many songs that are just about everyday life that I can relate to. Probably the greatest song that they have is "Dirt" the whole song is talking about how you came from dirt, so make what you can on it, it doesn't have to be a great life it just has to be yours. But don't forget the little things matter, and one day you will return to "it", dirt. I know that me and my friends where in love with this song for months because of the such strong story to it.  Another song that my best friend and I really like by them is "Anything Goes" this is our Friday night song. The whole song is about how anything goes on a Friday night. When we went to the football games this year we would have so much anticipation to hear it on the radio. We would sing to that song so bad and so loud! That is our song so it means so much to me because this songs has brought me so many memories with my best friend. From driving down back country roads at eleven at night rolling stop signs left and right, to getting weird looks from people when we jam out to this song on a main drag. All the lyrics in these songs you can relate to no matter what you are going though at the point in your live. You can be the happiest you have ever been, and listen to one of their songs and think I remember when I was feeling that way even though it was one of the saddest times of my life. For me country music is like my lifeline, I have a song that I listen to for a lot every emotion that I have. I included two links which are the YouTube links for the songs that I mentioned, I strongly encourage everyone to listen to them they are truly great songs! I have also includes some song lyrics, in pictures at the top of the page.
This is Florida Georgia Line, Brain and Tyler. This was taken in the barn where the Dirt music video was shot. And it really shows you that they are just country boys making great music.

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  1. I always love some country music. Most of the songs have good messages. very nice writing.


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