Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journal 10 from Tim Davis

Journal 10 Holding on

     So far in Holding On,  my active reading is going well. sometimes its hard to pick out certain things to highlight though. some of the strengths of this book is how all of these people hold on to something specific that means so much to them. weaknesses of this book would be how short some of the chapters are because sometimes you think that your just starting to connect with a character and then the chapter ends.
     Harold Cotton was a hat blocker and started working at this small town business in 1937. After a few years the owner Robert Taylor passed away and Cotton took over the business. Harold's business went through some changes though. it used to be that colored people would not be able to sit up front in the tall stands, they would have to sit in the back. then after a while Cotton decided to change things and he said "From now on, anybody that come in here can get up on the stand. i dont care if they close us up or not" (58).
     William Blackmon is a reverend, but calls himself a "prophet". William is an artist that uses his faith to inspire people. William is also a dreamer who looks to help and heal people. A truly passionate and good willed man. He was a "Hitchhiking man of God" (William Blackmon 63).

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