Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snap shot 5 : Morgan Kiehl

She always has a smile, bright like the color yellow.


      She's easy to pick out from a crowd ! With her creative, trendy style you can always spot Brittney. Happily, far from being one to just blend in with the crowd she prefers to do her own thing. As a freshman at OSU Brittney is not only a busy student but she is also dedicated to and enjoys her swimming instructor and life guard job at the local YMCA. Brittney loves kids and plans to pursue a career in education, and says her creative side will help her teach her students in new ways.

     In her limited free time Brittney loves to craft ! She's like a walking Pinterest page ! With her creativity skills she makes wreaths and she knows how to dress up or decorate almost anything. When asked what color best described her she said, "Yellow, Yellow is a bright color and also my favorite color !I love being the light in peoples day and making others happy every chance I get". This folks is as true as it gets, with a bubbly personality and kind heart Brittney makes a gloomy day shine.

    Family first, is something Brittney will always stand by. She comes from a large family and she is the oldest sibling and the ultimate role model. Brittney is especially close with her little sister and wants to be the best and most supportive big sister ever "the big sister that never misses a thing and supports my family in every way!" as she describes it.



  1. I am also a big sister to my two younger sisters and I would love to be their role model and be the person that they look up to.

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  3. I am also a big sister! I do not really think I am their role model but I am a "chauffeur" for them when ever they need a ride. I think Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to find tutorials for anything. I also get a lot of my ideas there.


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