Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snapshot five- Kayla 101 (Noel)

Kayla's ideas come from other artists but also she tries to push her limit. Coming up with new ideas to bring to life. Testing on herself and her friends. Kayla's perky and happy attitude is clearly expressed in her ideas and projects.

She's cute. She's adorable... She's Kayla! 
Kayla is a young aspiring freshman at OSU Marion, looking to become nurse. Kayla enjoys riding her horse Lance, a quarter horse. Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and friends and takes time to breathe. Kayla has a studio in her basement for her photography and she also has a giant stoplight in there as well. Kayla really likes doing zombie themed photo shoots and makeup.
As above she has a huge interest in photography and makeup. 
Kayla shows her creativity through her music and photography. Throughout the years she has been inspired by the people around her, music, movies and other people's ideas. Through photography she has been able to become creative from showing different people's perspectives and personalities. Creativity has shaped her in many different ways by making her think about her surroundings and how she is feeling. Something Kayla is most proud of is her photography and her photo journal idea book. In the book she puts a lot of potential ideas for photo shoots or makeup designs. She lives with the idea to not live in fear and think outside of the box.


  1. Great catchy phrase she is cute adorable and Kayla!!!!!! So awesome! Kayla great pics and interesting field to get into!! You look great at it!!

  2. I love the pictures that you posted for Kayla! Those pictures are very neat and very interesting!

  3. I think pushing yourself is very important and you have great ideas for those photos!


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