Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snapshot 4 Zach

I listen to all kinds of music for I like mostly everything everything, except for country. I listen to rock and rap primarily do to the fact that it makes me focus when doing things. But the music that sticks out to me the most is Nirvana. I have the most memories with the song “ Heart Shaped Box” by Kurt Cobain .
The reason for my connection with this song is my dad would always listen to Nirvana and 90s rock music. When Heart Shaped Box would play on the radio he would make fun of me for not getting the lyrics right because some of the words are hard to understand. When we would go fishing he had an old boom box with a bunch of cassette tapes and he had one with almost every nirvana song on it and I remember how excited I would get when he would pop it in and the first song was Heart Shaped Box .
I still listen to Nirvana often because its something I can listen to and it makes me happy and it brings back memories . It's also one thing my dad and I have in common and we can relate to . Cobain's words have tattooed my heart and one day, if I have children one day I will try to instill in Nirvana like my dad did with me 
here is Kurt Cobain (the singer to Nirvana) playing his guitar


  1. Great song and great artist to write about

  2. Its cool how you want your kids to listen to it like you did when you were younger.


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