Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 5 Review Hans; Blood Diamond Review

The Blood Diamond to me is about how greedy and how lucky some people can be sometimes. There are these white folks that have everything and yet they wanted the little the Africans had. The Africans were enslaved by these Whites in their homeland and they weren't even allowed to keep the diamond that rightfully belonged to them. Overall I liked the movie because it is an eye opener for people that think they have problems.
The Blood Diamond movie gives me perspective on life. Most people complain about the unnecessary problems about how their iPhone is outdated and how ugly their car is. These people were living in peace and minding their own business when everything suddenly changed. Complaining about how outdated your iPhone is?, these Africans had to deal with foreigners stealing their natural resources and when they find a diamond  and decide to keep it, they either kill you or beat the crap out of you. They searched their mouths and pants anytime they decide to leave the area for personal and official reasons. They were basically prisoners on their own land. What problem can be worse than this?
There were more than hundred people working for the Whites on the mine field and yet, Solomon was the luck one that found the biggest diamond in existence. Call it luck or whatever but is some serious blessing from the land. The guy that was affected the most by the Whites' domination found the diamond. How he even hid the diamond is a different issue. The person that searched him before he went to pie knew that he was hiding sometime but he just didn't know where he hid it. When the inspector secretly followed him to the diamond, he yelled out and all the guards started shooting at Solomon's direction but the miracle was, Solomon was never hit but everyone around or near him was either hit or dead. Liked that scene because it brought out the uncommon reality in the movie.
The last I would like to talk about concerning the Blood Diamond movie is the great story line it had. Solomon (The main character) took some that was rightfully his but the greedy Whites portrayed him as a criminal and so his both his own people and the foreigners were after him. While he was dealing with his "fugitive" life, he was also looking for his family that white man took from him just to destroy his life. He never gave up hope and he never stopped moving forward. It persistence and determination finally paid off because in the end, he found his family and got to keep the diamond. The funny thing I found in movie was how he lost the diamond so many time but always kept coming back to him.
This shows how the white man is showing how his dominance as he is holding the African american man's hand like he's a child.

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