Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Blood Diamond Review: Bonnie Welsh

The movie Blood Diamond is a good movie that shows you what happens when their is a war in other countries. In my opinion the movie, is something that everyone needs to watch at least once, so everyone knows what really goes on during war. It is really important now because of the ISIS problem in the Middle East, so you can see what all is most likely going on over there. This movie really goes along with A Long Way Gone because it is the same war that is fighting, and the movie really shows how the boys change after they are taught to kill people. You also see that in the book, after Beah parent's dies he just changes and does whatever he want with no one else in mind. He has nothing else to live for without his family. This movie really does educate you on how other cultures are and what really happens when there is war for the people that do not know.

When I went to MRQE.com I found a review from  The New York Times which says "The tragedy of Sierra Leone and the complicity of Americans, who buy more diamonds than any other consumers in the world, deserve louder, more clamorous attention than the occasional news report." I believe that this is very true because most Americans don't realize what other people do to get the things that they want.  With the diamonds people where dying for these diamonds and all the Americans could think of was I want these now!
This is how he changed, when he ended up pointing the gun at this father. Before the war he would never even think of picking up a gun but after he ends up pointing it at his dad. This just shows how this war changed the boys and for the worse.


  1. I really like your picture and I think this is an important part because he was going to shoot his father and Archer. He had been brainwashed and you could really tell in this scene how crazy the RUF is.

  2. I agree, the movie portrayed how the RUF brainwashed the minds of young to their advantage.


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