Monday, September 28, 2015

The Blood Diamond Review from Cameron

After watching the Blood Diamond its gives me a broader perspective of A Long Way Gone because the things that Beah talks about like for example The R.U.F. they did the same exact things just like in the book from going through destroying villages and taking young boys and turning them into highly trained killing machines. One of the main parts that stood out to me in the movie is when the R.U.F. leader threatened to kill Solomon's family and rape his wife in front of him if Solomon didn't do what he wanted and recover the diamond. Things like that make you sick to your stomach to know that they really does theses kind of things to innocent people because they have no remorse for human life and all they want is money power and control and all that is achieved by placing fear in the heart of people that you know are weaker than you. I would recommend this film it gives a good background and a very good insight into the look of countries that have children soldiers and refugees still there.

I read a review that was writing by the New York Times and the article starts off by saying how great of an Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is such a good actor and how the director was the right one to direct the movie and how the movie is an "exceptionally foolish thriller". After reading the whole review it really only talks about the main characters in the film and only at the ends talks about how the company's that get diamonds out of Africa need to get more ex poser for what they are doing.

Picture of real life Children Soldiers (Via: article Military use of Children Wikipedia)

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  1. I really like how you said that the movie director uses the same things that the RUF which really means they did their research. Beah really was there so he knows what happens.


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