Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jounal 4 from Zach

My active reading is going fairly well so far. I'm struggling with just trying to stay interested in
House on Mango Street , nothing really strikes interest in me. But other than the lack of interest in the first book my reading is going well. In the chapter " There Was an Old Woman She Had So Many Children She Didn't Know what to Do" pg.29 ( They are without respect for all things living,including themselves) I marked this down because it shows how important good parenting is and what happens if children aren't show discipline at a young age.

The book I prefer right now is A Long Way Gone. I really do enjoy it and enjoy reading, just for the the fact its like a suspenseful survival story . I also like the fact that when reading the book I can almost feel his suffering  and what he is going through. The theme that is important is "survival", doing what ever it takes to live. He talks of depression and loneliness but he he keeps pushing on with motivation from things his family told him.


  1. I totally agree that its like you feel his suffering and what hes going through. I always try to put myself in his shoes.

  2. I too am trying to stay interested in "House on Mango Street".

  3. Good point on good parenting, it is lacking a lot in the lives of many. I agree Beah's books is so intense but it gets us to be so thankful for what we have thinking of his life.


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