Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Research On Sir Milton Margai

Sir Milton Margai was born on December 7, 1895 to a wealthy Mende merchant in the Gbangbatoke, Moyamba District, British Colony of Sierra Leone .  Margai was the oldest of eighteen children. Margai was educated at Evangelical United Brethren School that was located in Bonthe. He also attended the Albert Academy and went to Fourah Bay College (where he received a bachelors degree in history) that is located in Freetown. Margai also was able to earn several additional degrees from King's College medical school.

Sir Milton Margai was the first protectorate to become a doctor. From the year 1928-1950 Margai became part of the Sierra Leone government service during that time he was able to work his way up to the rank of senior medical officer. Margai served in 11 of the districts in the protectorate. Margai was the founder of the Sierra Leone People's party or the SLPP. In 1953 Margai was appointed to the position the minister of health, agriculture, and forestry. 1954 was when Sierra Leone finally gained its self-government and Margai again moved up in the rankings to become the chief minister. 1959 was officially named the premier and knighted to gain the title of  prime minister. Margai served in office till April 27, 1964. Margai passed away on April 28,1964 his final resting place is the Sierra Leone House of Parliament compound in Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone.

<a href="">Sir Milton Augustus Striery Margai</a>

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Sir Milton Margai The first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone 

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