Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 5:Morgan Kiehl

Many Africans Of Sierra Leone had to sacrifice a hand, for a rock to be on yours.

        The Film "Blood Diamond"   Directed by: Edward Zwick, was an incredibly eye opening action filled film that brought mass amounts of emotion along board with this Hollywood production. The film stared Leonardo DiCaprio playing the role of Danny Archer who soon becomes character Solomon Vendees (Dijmon Housou) partner and good friend along with a female character Maddie Brown (Jennifer Connelly) who is a reporter trying to get her story on the war in Sierra Leone along with the price the locals pay for the diamonds being smuggled out of the country. The movie starts out as archer working for a diamond company as essentially the middle man in the diamond business, Archer is attempting to bring back diamonds from the locals in exchange for weapons and other things of value to the war, and terror grounds of a country. Vendees and Danny meet in prison and then make a deal, if Archer helps Vendees find his family Archer will receive an extremely large diamond that Vendees has hidden in the hills.
      A movie that has more than an entertainment value is a movie I would always recommend, I really appreciated this film and its message and the way the film creates a world wide understanding that these types of things that happen in the movie ARE happening and it is absolutely horrifying.The movie really educates people in a way that they might not even know they are being educated because it is in a story from with that golden entertainment factor and the movie is able to bring out emotion in people, that having a much longer lasting effect rather than facts being read off of an article.
     "Oscar for his acting in this movie just a powerful and heartbreaking acting in this movie that no words can say. Read more at:" Quote by. Mathew-Luke Brady. This quote really related well to my opinion on the movie. The quote really backs up my points on how the film really can bring out emotion in its viewers. I really thought the reviews were helpful in a way of reading another persons view on the movie or even the subject, even reading some of the opposing views can be extremely beneficial.



  1. Your point about the movie is teaching people through the emotions is what I think is one of the main points of this movie. Any advertising company or campaign will look at the emotions, like the commercial with the sick dogs and the really sad music, that is what they appeal to.

  2. wow this is really good. you truly understood the movie

  3. I like how you arranged your paragraphs it is very well organized and gives me a clear idea on your opinion and the way you backed it up.


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