Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Journal 6: Morgan Kiehl

    Can you fathom the thought of someone wanting something from your body so badly that they are willing to hunt and kill you to achieve this self minded, inhumane goal, while knowing the possible consequence's? Sounds like a modern day Hollywood horror film that we may watch in a "one eye open" type of  manner. Well, unfourtantly this is a reality for some elephants in Africa who have been traumatically influenced by the economy and greed of others in the ways of international trade of their ivory tusks. Elephant population took a nose dive through out the years 1979-1989 dropping the population in about half, despite attempts to stop poaching within these areas. Sadly enough, things aren't looking better as of the year 2009 until now ivory trafficking is at an all time high due to the extremely large market value many peaceful elephants are shot with automatic weapons and then their tusks are hacked off with axes or chainsaws while the elephants are just left to die. Elephants have proven to be extremely intelligent and emotional animals making this crime all the much worse as elephant family member will mourn over ones death for days or weeks.

The website I listed above is a page from the Wild life laws for the U.S. website, I believe this site will be interesting to you all to see almost the lack of control or laws the U.S. actually has on this issue, and or the issues within the current laws.

Money is the root of all evil

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  1. One thing I find very interesting on your journal is how you state that elephants are known to be extremely intelligent and emotional animals!


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