Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journal Four From Tristen Stover.

My active reading is going pretty good so far. I am doing pretty good on highlighting peoples names, place names, and also plot points. On the other hand though, I am struggling with writing in the margins. I am not to sure on what to write. I am better at highlighting things then I am actually writing things down in the book itself. Something I highlighted for today's reading assignment which was on "The House on Mango Street" was on page 28. "We know the guy with the crooked eye is Davey the baby's brother, and the tall one next to him in the straw brim, that's Rosa's Eddie V., and the big one that looks like a dumb grown man, he's fat boy, though he's not fat anymore nor a boy." I highlighted that quote because it is talking about people and describing them.

The book that I prefer right now is "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah because the chapters are not as short as they are in "The House On Mango Street" and the chapters are easier to understand. A theme I believe that is important in the book is how the narrator had to experience the tragedy of war at such a young age. For kids his age its like he was being forced to grow up quickly. A little too fast. He was like a grown man trying to run away from a war while being shot at then having his whole family ripped away from him. Another example is the woman carrying a baby on her back, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Those are examples of things a young boy should never have to go though at such a young age. To me this means that sometimes life isn't always easy. Life get's rough sometimes.


  1. Good I am so proud of you :)))))))) and i would much rather have shorter chapters.

  2. I agree ! The chapters in "A long Way Gone" are way easier for to understand and follow :)


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