Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 5: Blood Diamond review By Daniel Scheiderer

The Blood Diamond in my opinon is a very very good movie, its a good educational and entertaining movie. The Blood Diamond gives you a good perspective on how the people in Africa really live compared to how we think they live. The movie really adds the image to A Long Way Gone has been giving us, now instead of us thinking of kids carrying guns we can actually see how scary it is.  Some of the parts of the movie that really stood out to me was when Solomon found his son with the RUF and his son acted like he knew nothing about his father. This was meaningful to me because it really showed how much the RUF really trained the children and made them forget and thought them how to kill.  At the beginning of the movie Danny Archer played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a diamond smuggler and is all about himself at the beginning of the movie but at the end he really changed for the good at the very end and does the right thing by giving Solomon the diamond that helps him get a better life. 

Two kids searching through water for diamonds.
As i was reading throughout some of the reviews one really stood out to me was  "Theirs might be a match made in movie-genre heaven if the filmmakers didn’t insist on wagging their fingers in our faces and delivering dire statistics by the ream..." (NYTimes)  This one stood out to me because they think that they made this movie for a reason and not just for the money. 


  1. Daniel, I also agree that the Blood Diamond film was a very good movie. It was definitely a good educational and entertaining movie! Lot's of action packed scenes! It's so different on how we live compared to how the people in Africa live!

  2. I agree that this movie was very good and it had a lot of scenes that really made you think about what these kids are going through. I think even though Hollywood makes things exaggerated at times it really gets the issue across.

  3. I agree with you that this was a very good and educational movie, for my I think it helped to watch it because I am a visual learner so see what it was like, and what Beah was really talking how.

  4. This a great short summary of the film and is a good review


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