Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journal 4: Cameron Koonce

                                        Reading Response: A House On Mango Street
     The active reading so far is going OK sometimes i actively read and mark certain sentences in the books sometimes i just read and don't mark things down. Like for example I have the whole first paragraph on page twenty-eight highlighted which reads " Those who don't know any better come into our neighborhood scared. They think we're dangerous. They think we will attack the with shiny knives. They are Stupid people who are lost and got here by mistake".  This passage stood out to me because when you go to big city's you never really know if it is a bad neighbor hood or not and  then you have to worry about wearing the wrong color because you never know if that neighbor hood is gang affiliated and me personally i don't try and find out. But then it also made me think about Marion and I just want to say there is nothing scary about it at all just like in the book, same thing happens here people that are from towns even smaller than Marion always get scared like " oh my goodness this town is to rough and tough for me" but it's really not.

     The book i like to read the most is A Long Way Gone. The reason why I pick this book is because it is based upon real life and if you think about it the book has a lot of history because Beah had to go through all the heart of poverty and war. I know I will never be able to even relate or compare this book to my life in any type of  way because as I was growing up i was a only child and my mom was a single parent and i got whatever it was that I wanted and never really had to struggle.

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  1. I agree with you, A Long Way Gone is a great book to read because it is more real. It brings up a really scary and hard topic but it really makes you think. The book really pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading!


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