Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journal Four: Morgan Kiehl

Active reading for me as a reader has helped me a TON my mind is more than happy to wander off while I am reading rather than pay attention to the words in front of my nose, so active reading has really helped me keep focused on the books we have been reading and discussing in class ! 
I really struggle with following the book The House on Mango street , the authors writing style is more difficult for me to follow compared to A Long Way Gone , where in this book I enjoy reading the book and can keep focused and actively read effortlessly. Something I marked in The house on Mango Street in my active reading would be From Pg. 28 the very first line and how it shows so much neighbor hood pride and how they feel they are different than others perceive them.

At the moment I definitely prefer the book  A Long Way Gone. I love the personal feel the author gives you of the characters and their day to day lives and their struggle and pain, and how much emotion the book truly gives the reader. A common theme for this book would be Hope and Perseverance, I really think that hope and perseverance is the only thing keeping the boys moving and alive through out this book and in their journeys.


  1. I really liked what you said about hope and perseverance. I honestly dont think i could make it through what those boys have. whenever they are faced with a struggle or challenge they just keep digging and move forward!

  2. You are right, I think that the only thing that is keeping them moving is the hope that there will be something good around the corner any day. Also looking for their families is keeping them going.


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