Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journal 4: The House On Mango Street (Brittney Hanks)

Brittney Hanks

My active reading in The House on Mango Street is going very well. I find it very interesting how she tells the story of everyone who has or had lived on Mango Street. When reading I like how she tells the story as if you were right by her when the event are going on she gives you a picture of the family’s and what they were/are going through. What I don’t really care for when reading is the fact that the author Sandra Cisneros makes her stories so short and leaves you wanting to know more about the characters. What I marked in my reading was on page 30 last paragraph, when she was talking about the lady who had so many kids she didn’t know what to do with them. It made me picture all the things the kids are doing and how even if they would get hurt they would be okay. They never got in trouble it just made me laugh.  The author made you see that the kids are out of control.

The book that I enjoy reading right now is a long way gone.  It’s more of an intense reading about a boys struggles. Even though we are only on chapter 10 we have seen so much of this young man’s struggle on life and how he wants to overcome all odds and make it through it and become free. I feel like something bad may happen in the book how he is writing his chapters, that makes me want to read on and find out what will happen to Ishmael later on in the book.


  1. I also like that story and if i was their mother i would have bent them over my knee and wore their back side out. To teach them a lesson about respect and discipline.

  2. I also like how she tells the story of everyone that lives there, it makes me feel like im apart of the neighborhood

  3. I also enjoy reading "A Long Way Gone". It is a very good book to read!


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