Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Freetown, Sierra Leone By the Daniel Scheiderer

Freetown in the capitol of Sierra Leone with a population of almost 1.5 million people. Freetown got its name because in 1787 the British freed slaves in the town, hints the name Freetown. In 1792 this was the first British colony in West Africa. Freetown is the largest city in Sierra Leone and is also the third largest natural harbor in the world, located on the Atlantic coast.  There are many pros and cons about Freetown one major con would be that on two occasions in the past year, everyone in the city was commanded to stay in there homes for three days straight due to the disease Ebola. Some of the pros that have happen in Freetown is that Freetown is the place that country would free slaves at.  The most important things that have happened in Freetown would be in my opinion that it does get a lot of diseases there and it floods a lot and leaves almost thousands of people homeless.  Freetown is a very "hilly" place almost compared to the San Fransisco bay, hints why there is a lot of flooding. I would describe Freetown as a come at your own risk place, it is a good place and has a lot of history behind the city but, due to the fact of disease spreading and flooding, i would recommend not going.
A sign in Freetown talking about how ebola is real and not just a normal disease and trying to help the people fight it

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  1. I really enjoyed this topic and your fact about hoe Freetown got its name from freeing slaves! I thought that was very interesting.


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