Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 5: Blood Diamond Review

Blood Diamond, a movie about the all to common consequences about the price civilians pay during the African civil war in the country, Sierra Leone. This movie was very educational about "conflict diamonds".  In the review by Lisa Schwarzbaum, Rev. of  Blood Diamond,  by Edward Zwick; Author: Charles Leavitt.,  2006.  Web.  8 Dec. 2006. " Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou star in a static, righteous, educational action pic about the evil business of ”conflict diamonds” sold to subsidize bloody African civil wars." . I would highly recommend this film to anyone because Blood Diamond is eye opening to the sacrifices that are made in Sierra Leone to find these diamonds. It shows us that the costs of the diamonds are worth way more than what we pay for them. They cost human suffering such as torture, death, starvation, and the dehumanizing of young African boy soldiers and slaves to fight for and dig for these diamonds. More people need to be aware of "conflict diamonds".


  1. Very good point Tim, the movie has brought to my attention that there is something we can do, we can check to make sure the diamonds we are supporting are not conflict diamonds or at least hope we are told the truth about where they are coming from.

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  3. Very good review! I also agree that the movie was very educational and that no matter what, people should and need to be aware of the conflict diamonds.


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