Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Journal Two: Hans

Hans, Ananya
JOURNAL #2: Our First Blog

     Greetings, my name is Ananya Hans. I was born in Chandigarh, Punjabi, India. I first moved to the United States of America back in 2001 to Stark-ville, Mississippi. I lived there for 2 years before settling in New Orleans, Louisiana, [pre-Katrina and post-Katrina]. I attended elementary and middle school there. After that I moved to Columbus, Ohio. I attended end of middle school and high school there. A fun fact about me is that I love to scuba dive. I got into diving because one of my good friends Kirsten Showe did her high school Capstone Project on achieving Dive Master. That got me interested in recreational diving, so I got my open water certification. I have also achieved my Advanced Open Water Certification and currently working towards my Rescue Diver. My major is undecided but I am strongly thinking about Marine Biology.
     So far I have read Chapter 1 in A Long Way Gone. One theme that strongly stood out to me was family. Family is very important to your life. As seen in A Long Way Gone, Ismail, his brother and father walked to Mattru Jong and to visit to their grandmother and get her blessings and then walked to Kamator for their talent show to rap. Sadly, we learned that towards the end of the chapter that the rebels attack and destroy Ismail’s hometown of Kabati.

This is when my family went to visit my sister at her Summer Camp.

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