Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 5 from Zach Wiseman

The film "Blood Diamond" is a great movie staring Leonardo Dicaprio as Danny Archer, South African, ex-military,diamond smuggler who wants nothing more than to get his hands on a huge diamond that ;Solomon Vandy a fisherman and forced laborer to the R.U.F where he works mining for diamonds and where he finds the blood diamond. He is also father to Dia Vandy, a smart boy who is brought into the R.U.F and forced to murder, do drugs and other horrible things. Archer then meets Mattie Bowen an American journalist who wants the story on conflict diamonds and how they are destroying Africa. Archer makes a deal with Solomon that he will take him to the diamond and Mattie comes to get them across borders and through security. Archer and Solomon go on ajouney to reach the diamond mine where the blood diamond is located and with help of the Colonel, who also wants the diamond takes the mine from the R.U.F and finds the diamond the Colonel tries to kill Archer and Solomon but is killed in turn. Archer is shot and before dying he gives Solomon the diamond and tells Mattie to right her story on the conflict diamond problem.

Reading some of the reviews I noticed a requiring summary, That there is lawless chaos in Africa and the western world is almost clueless as to what is going on  "this film betrays an almost quasi-touristic fascination with images of black Africans, who function principally as colorful scenery or, as in the gruesome scenes inside rebel training camps, manifestations of pure evil" (New York Times). 

Image result for conflict diamond in sierra leone
Diamond mine in Serria Leona

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